Friday, September 7, 2012

A Week I Will Never Forget...

This week has zipped by and I am tired. But it's a good feeling.  My journalism students have written and produced 2 stories per day and are quickly building their portfolios for successful careers!  One of them, Caitlyn Barron, had a story on social media picked up by the national collegiate press corp, Intercollegiate Network News!

Jeff Dewitt's Political Science students are brilliant, kind and a lot fun.  If I was a college student at Kennesaw State, I would be friends with them. They are going to be leaders in this country.

As a professor, I've watched Jeff shine this week.  He is patient and gracious.  I can see that his students have a deep respect for him.

Finally, I cannot thank Mike Berlon, Angelia Knight and Candice Coleman of the GA Dem. Party enough.  They opened their meeting to us and allowed our journalism and political science students a birds eye view of politics.  It was genuinely a privilege to be a part of the state delegation in Charlotte.

On a personal note, this convention has renewed my faith in political activism.  I met so many people who genuinely want the best for the USA.  I may disagree with them on some policy issues but cannot question their intentions.  I am amazed by the level of access to party and national leaders the average American had at this convention.  

In 4 years, I may be at the next Dem. convention either as a professor with students or as citizen who cares deeply about different policy issues.

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