Monday, September 3, 2012

Our first day as conventioneers was an exciting day and an occasion I will not forget for the rest of my life. We left Kennesaw pretty early only to engage in good conversation in the van. The van that transported us to Charlotte was neat and large enough to fit all of us with much room to spare. It was a hot day but once we got to Charlotte we knew it was time for business thus we began to get ready to go to the Nascar Hall of fame. You’re probably wondering why we chose to go into a place that cherishes Nascar but you can ask that question to the Democratic National Party. Once we got there the Georgia delegation was quite welcoming and very thoughtful. They were ready for us with passes to get into private events and were quite content to answer any of the questions we had. I must give a special shoutout to Ms. Angela (she is the Chief of Staff) and also to Chairman Mike Berlon who has been an incredible helper including prior to the convention. Once we got there we got in touch with some Nascar history and also met many delegates as well as staff of the Democratic Party. We were treated to a surprise because the Chairwoman of the National Democratic Party (Debbie Wasserman Schultz) gave as astounding speech regarding the state of the election and what Democrats must do to move forward. We also had the privilege to hear from Congressman James Clyburn and the Chairman of the Democratic Convention Antonio Villaraigosa. After the welcoming event at the hall of fame we moved onto a private event held at a local hotel where the Chairwoman would be speaking. It was once more a phenomenal speech in which she detailed how the Democratic Party can and must win the upcoming election. Although it was only our first day in Charlotte it was jam packed and we met many influential people. Let’s only hope that the rest of the convention will hold the same standard of professionalism and jovial spirit that tonight held.

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