Saturday, September 1, 2012

Democrats set for their turn at bat

Democrats set for their turn at bat
by Jon Gillooly
September 01, 2012 12:50 AM
MARIETTA — Lifelong Democrat Michelle Cooper Kelly of Marietta has been watching coverage of the GOP convention in Tampa this week as she prepares to head for Charlotte as a delegate in the Democratic National Convention.

Listening to some of the things GOP leaders said about her party was not the most pleasant experience, she said.

Lassiter High School graduate Gillian Griffin, a junior studying political science at Kennesaw State University, is part of a group of KSU students who are attending the convention as observers. Griffin said she will be conducting a survey on attendees on the topic of social media.

“I am really excited,” Griffin said. “I’m most excited to see just politics first-hand. I’m definitely someone who always reads the newspaper and watches the news, and it will be really exciting to actually observe it.”

Griffin said while she has many Republican friends, she will likely be voting for President Barack Obama.

However, “I think Obama had a more electrifying campaign four years ago,” she said. “Right now obviously he is the underdog with the economy the way it is.”

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