Monday, September 3, 2012

Our second day here in Charlotte has been as eventful as the first. We began our morning by eating a delicious breakfast at a small local place here in Charlotte. We then departed to downtown in order to attend the caucus meetings. Me and my classmate Max Harris went to the Ethnic Committee where a variety of people spoke. There were two members of Congress that spoke and I even got to shake Congressman Mike Honda’s hand so you could say that it was a tremendously rewarding experience. The meeting focused on how to grow the ethnic vote and make sure that the Democratic Party is reaching to its key constituencies. Although we know that the majority of minorities (ethnic) tend to vote Democratic, the party as a whole must win these demographics by bigger margins in order to win elections. After the meeting I got to finally interview my first delegate and made him fill out the appropriate questionnaire that I had for him. Whenever I finished speaking to the delegate I ended up heading to another event. A couple of us headed to the Youth Council where we heard from various speakers that spoke about how important the youth vote was. They encouraged us to register more voters and bring them out to the polls so the party can carry the White House in November. After that event we made our way to a Georgia Delegation Party where we got to meet many other delegates. The highlight of the night was definitely when we met Joseph Lowery, an impeccable civil rights leader, we could not have asked for anything better. I personally made my way around the room and began to meet a number of delegates. I specifically did this because tomorrow is when we will really begin our focus on the delegate experience since the convention begins tomorrow. We also had a journalist from the Marietta Daily Journal come up to us and photograph us. He said this story might make it to the paper, let’s hope it does. After all the formal festivities finally ended up we made our way onto Crave which is a local restaurant. The Democratic Party was having an event for the youth to come out and meet each other. Needless to say it was another pleasant experience and I’m glad we got be a part of it. The second day of our trip in Charlotte has been nothing short of success. I’m looking forward to the next couple of days and the official beginning to the convention.

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