Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mrs. Obama @ the DNC

Despite the fact that so much has happened within the last24 hours that is undeniably blog worthy, I cannot bring myself to write aboutanything other than First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech she gave at theconvention tonight.  In short, it wasbeautiful.

Regardless of political differences, members of both partiescan agree that Mrs. Obama is a woman of great poise who has stepped up to theplate both as an advocate for a healthier America as well as a diligent servantto military families.  Like many firstladies before her, Michelle is known for being Mr. Obama’s “better-half,”giving emotional and thoughtful speeches that rival those of her husband. 

Like any good millennial, I was constantly checking myTwitter account along the course of her speech, looking for any unique insightsor perspectives from the pundits and media outlets I follow.  I found it interesting that Ezra Klein, acolumnist for the Washington Post, tweeted,” Barack Obama always jokes thatMichelle gives the better speech. I'm starting to think that's actually true.”  Although she is not an elected official likeher husband, her role as a public figure should not be underestimated, as shehas the power to move the issues of her choosing to the forefront of the mediaand spark public interest.  Tonight, she choseto highlight her and Mr. Obama’s relationship by sharing their personal storiesthat reflect how the struggles of the middle class were their same strugglesnot too long ago.  College education wasbrought up multiple times, and Mrs. Obama reminisced on her own experiences of payingoff students loans well after she had graduated.  I am sure this hit home for many collegestudents like myself who depend on financial aid, whether it be the Pell Grantor other loans or scholarships to get through college without incurringoverwhelming fees.  While Mitt and AnnRomney have been criticized for seeming out of touch even after the RNC, Mrs.Obama sent a message that was loud and clear: Mr. Obama cares about the people of America because he has been throughthe same struggles.  I recognize that Iam biased, but, personally, I was moved by this speech not only for its contentbut for the sincerity in her delivery.

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