Thursday, September 6, 2012

This morning the day began with the alarm clock blaring in my head. It was very hard to get up but eventually I got up and ready to do some schoolwork. We headed to breakfast with the Georgia Delegation and got a very special treat. Jesse Jackson gave a fiery speech at the breakfast and prompted everyone to rise to their feet and get fired up. His speech was short yet inspiring, he also reminded us that the Democratic Party must remain united and reelect President Obama. Once he finished giving the speech we went to other state delegations in order to conduct our survey. We headed to the Maine state delegation as well as the Minnesota delegation. Both delegations were friendly and eager to help us with our survey; they also wished us the best of luck with our studies. After we finished with all of the interviews we headed to the Convention Center to attend more caucus meetings. We headed to the Youth Council where we heard from some wonderful speakers, one of those speakers was Dr. Jill Biden. She was a graceful speaker and walked around the room and met many people. I even got to meet her and shake her hand, needless to say it was a wonderful experience. After attending some more caucus meetings we headed back to the hotel so we could get ready for a watch party later tonight. While on the way back to our van we met CNN’s Erin Burnett and also Julian Castro. They were both very friendly and agreed to take pictures with us which we of course took full advantage of. We headed back to hotel and got ready to head to a watch party in South Carolina. This professor from Wynthrope University invited us to a watch party with her college class. It was a great opportunity and they were very welcoming. We left in time to watch Bill Clinton’s speech back in our hotel and of course the former President hit it out of the ball park. His phenomenal speech made a perfect pitch for the reelection of Barack Obama. Tomorrow should be another packed day with speeches and raw emotion here in Charlotte. This convention has so far been one of the most remarkable experiences of my life.

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