Monday, September 3, 2012

     Today was an excellent day! Our groups left KSU slightly past 10AM. The trip to Charlotte was full of great conversations and expressions of anticipation regarding the next several days. We arrived at our hotel at around 3:30PM. After settling in our rooms, approximately an hour later we were notified that we were attending an event at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. We drove to downtown Charlotte and did not walk far from where we parked to the Hall of Fame. Furthermore, the Charlotte skyline is very nice.
     Exploring the NASCAR Hall of Fame was a memorable experience. The entire development of NASCAR from its first years to the present day was very well documented and exhibited. There was an opportunity to try and replicate a pit stop (lifting the car on a jack, changing a tire, and refueling). I tried it and my respect for the pit crew grew even more. My fellow classmates and I spoke with a delegate from Tennessee who was very excited to see young people being involved in the political process. Later, everyone was called to congregate in the main lobby for a series of speeches. Among the speakers were the Mayor of Charlotte Anthony Fox and the Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
     At the conclusion of the speeches we explored the Hall of Fame for a little longer and then headed out to a delegate reception from which we left at around 10:30PM; this was a great opportunity to interact with several high level political figures. Present at this event were the Consulate Generals of Japan and Great Britain and various Georgia senators, among others; the Chairman of the Georgia Democratic Party Mike Berlon was also there.
     The first day has been very eventful (and the convention has not even started yet). I am excited to see what happens tomorrow.  

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