Thursday, September 6, 2012

amazing experiences

Well, we are heading back to Kennesaw tomorrow and I can't say I'm extremely happy about it. I'm excited to share my experiences with my friends and family, but I want to keep writing. I'm ready to hop on a bus with the campaign and write till  I can't write anymore.

Today was as exciting as yesterday, if not more. I attended the Women's Caucus where we saw Michelle Obama and Jill Biden speak. Rep. John Lewis also spoke, which was thrilling.

Then I was off to the LGBT Caucus, a caucus I wanted to attend from the beginning. To me it is an honest fight for civil rights they are owed. It is amazing to me that we are still fighting for rights owed to people, in 2012. We are fighting for two people to marry. Just because of who they choose to love. It's astounding to watch and see the progress being done.

It was there that I saw Mayor Cory Booker, Sen. Al Franken, the first transgender member of the DNC... among others. It was an amazing experience.

The rest of the day I hit the computer, writing to finish my two stories and to edit video clips.

This has been an amazing experience, and as I sit here in my hotel room at The Rodeway Inn watching President Obama, I have to admit, I am speechless.

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