Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fired up Ready to go!!

Despite of the early morning wake up call(5am) I managed to find some energy and begin the day. At about 7:30 AM we arrived at the Marriott where we were scheduled to have breakfast with the GA delegation. Chairman Mike Berlon made sure that the delegates knew who we were and also introduced the research project a that we were conducting. This made it extremely easy to get our surveys completed. Afterwards we enjoyed the various caucus meetings that took place at the convention center. It was a blast!! My friends an I were praying for a chance to hear first Lady Michelle Obama Speak at the women's caucus; unfortunately this did not happen. my roommate Gillian and I found the strength to stand in line for 20 minutes to take part in the 1 st LGBT caucus at the convention. After a long lunch break ( due to the rain) we returned to the convention center to take part in the viewing party. It was Phenomenal!! Although I was not there, I felt as if I was. Speeches given by Congressman Castro and Michelle Obama were uplifting. I am now so much prouder of the choice I'll will be making this November. Despite the excitement, after a long hot and humid day I was fired up and ready to shower. I don't exactly know what tomorrow will bring but I can't wait! I'll be fired up and ready to go !! Bright an early !

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